My Thoughts on the State of the Union Address


Just kidding. I didn’t watch it.

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Hunting Elephants


Sorry about my absence, I’ve just been dealing with what feels like a bunch of other stuff.

But here’s my thought on the elephant thing, I’m just gonna throw this out there…

I don’t know how you all feel about symbolism and telltale signs, but this whole elephant business has brought me to the conclusion that Donald Trump doesn’t care about the Republican Party at all.
Why? Because up until Barack’s second term, he didn’t really associate himself with the party. And he has expected support from them, without giving his support in the past.
Even more so I think that Trump will start attacking lead members of the Republican Party that would have any possibility of beating him on the political field. I think that’s why odd news about Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Paul Ryan are in the forefront of the party. Destroy their credibility within the party, and destroy them as competition.

At least that’s what I think.

Until next time, STAY VIGILANT!

The Trump Lullaby

2017-07-31_TrumpLullabyTrump recently tweeted about a Transgender ban for the military, and set twitter and news channels aflame.
But don’t get distracted by this.
All this is is an attempt to fire up his base, and get people looking at him. The real question to ask is what is he trying to keep you from looking at?

Until next time, Don’t Get Distracted!

PS: I’ve been experimenting with different cartoon designs of Trump. Let me know if you prefer a certain face. Thanks.