A Patriotic Shutdown

Military Parade During Government Shutdown

Even though the government has now overcome the shutdown, it’s going to happen again. Which will affect any military parade planning, which has been the huge buzz of the week.

I like parades. And I like military vehicles.
But the idea of a military parade, in our current environment seems… wrong?
Here’s a list why:
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The Trump Lullaby

2017-07-31_TrumpLullabyTrump recently tweeted about a Transgender ban for the military, and set twitter and news channels aflame.
But don’t get distracted by this.
All this is is an attempt to fire up his base, and get people looking at him. The real question to ask is what is he trying to keep you from looking at?

Until next time, Don’t Get Distracted!

PS: I’ve been experimenting with different cartoon designs of Trump. Let me know if you prefer a certain face. Thanks.