No Experience Required


Hey Hey Hey!
Super late comic post. This was supposed to be a statement on certain members (almost all) of President Trump’s cabinet not having any public sector experience, or even private sector experience, with their chosen membership positions. Continue reading “No Experience Required”


If People Defended Muslims Like They Do Gun Rights…


President Trump (gah, that still tastes weird) recently put a ban on people entering from several countries that have a majority Islam religion.
In his administration’s haste to make it happen, they have separated families, and alienated permanent residents and citizens.
The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Circus No More


As you may have heard, Ringling Bros is going to perform their last round of performances this year, and will be shutting down ending over 140 years of entertainment.

While this may be seen as businesses coming and going, this is definitely a sign of the times.

What statement does this announcement make to you?

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Chargers Say Goodbye to San Diego


Greetings and Happy New Year!

Before we get into some government poltical news this year and get super depressed, let’s break into the sad news with sports.

The San Diego Chargers are becoming the Los Angeles Chargers.

After going decades without an NFL presence, Los Angeles will now get 2 teams to share one stadium that has yet to be built.

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