The Trump Lullaby

2017-07-31_TrumpLullabyTrump recently tweeted about a Transgender ban for the military, and set twitter and news channels aflame.
But don’t get distracted by this.
All this is is an attempt to fire up his base, and get people looking at him. The real question to ask is what is he trying to keep you from looking at?

Until next time, Don’t Get Distracted!

PS: I’ve been experimenting with different cartoon designs of Trump. Let me know if you prefer a certain face. Thanks.

Land of the Free


I hope everybody had a good Independence Day!

Just so you know:
US Population- 325 million;  US Prison Population- 2.1 million
China Population- 1.3 billion; China Prison Population – 1.6 million

With 5% of the world’s population, America holds 20% of the world prison population.
Think about that between hot dogs.

Until next time, STAY VIGILANT!




May’s Vendetta


First of all, my thoughts and prayers to the city of London, and for those directly affected by the recent attacks.

Secondly, Theresa May is not the most freedom loving cookie in the cookie jar, but the comment she made in response to these recent attacks in London are questionable at best. Continue reading “May’s Vendetta”

A Simple Healthcare Plan


So many people have been on edge about the new healthcare bill passed by Republicans. Here is a non-partisan summary of the bill:

I’m looking for additional clarity, so if anybody has additional resources or well-rounded opinions on what they like or dislike about the new bill, please comment or send me an email.

Thanks and until next time, Stay Vigilant!


5 Concrete Reasons We Need the EPA (Or an Organization Like It)


So the new administration is looking to pull back the EPA’s involvement in the environment. While there may have been some instances of overstepping, completely eliminating the EPA is a bad idea. Here are some reasons why:


2017-05-02_EPA-PigThe most disgusting case I’ve heard in recent times is this one from North Carolina, where farmers clear out pig waste by spraying it in the air.

It’s nasty, disgusting, and FUBAR for the environment and the people that live in the area. This is an ongoing legal battle between the state, the farm owners, and the surrounding communities. Read the articles below.



Increase in Earthquakes in Oklahoma coincides with the increase in fracking and shale extraction methods. In cases like this, having a Federal agency that’s removed from local politics is necessary, so that residents can call on them to investigate.



In a notorious case of state level irresponsibility, the City of Flint, Michigan decided to change their water source in an effort to save money back in 2014.

Unfortunately, the tributary they selected was 19 times more corrosive (read acidic) than where they were pulling water from before. The pipes couldn’t handle the acidity of the water, and iron and lead flooded into peoples homes. People of all ages started noticing rashes and hair loss, particularly in children. The state and city then purposefully hid the fact that they weren’t properly treating the water.

To this day, many people still do not have clean tap water for cooking, drinking, or bathing.


Back in the 80’s, there was a medical waste incident in New Jersey that was so bad it closed the beach for several months, and cost about a $1 Billion loss comprehensive loss for all of the businesses.

Even since that day, there have been several issues on both coasts where medical trash and other goodies, have washed up on shore because of overfilling of landfills, or poorly regulated trash disposal. It’s only because of increased oversight that these incidences have nearly stopped.

Think about that the next time you’re at the beach.


Pesticides have always been questionable, especially in use for human consumed foods (Though lets be honest, even for animal food, you have trickle down sickness) but recently there has been notable evidence that a certain pesticide has been behind the recent decline in bees, which have caused major crops to fail from the lack of pollination.

Currently, Dow Chemical is lobbying and pushing the government to allow certain pesticides, despite the fact that studies have shown long term damage to people and the environment.

While nearly none of the government agencies are completely efficient, they do have a purpose. A purpose we can’t always trust to the private sector, because money talks. Just beware, next time you’re drinking tap water or eating an apple, and be thankful we have standards in place with a way to enforce them.

Stay Vigilant.

Other notable incidents:

Cuyahoga River Fire:

U.S. Oil Spills: