May’s Vendetta


First of all, my thoughts and prayers to the city of London, and for those directly affected by the recent attacks.

Secondly, Theresa May is not the most freedom loving cookie in the cookie jar, but the comment she made in response to these recent attacks in London are questionable at best.

Honestly, a problem I feel we have with modern governments is the willingness to give up our rights in order to deal with problems. I agree that terrorism is a problem that can’t go unchecked, but to give up my daily rights and the rights of my fellow citizens is not something I’m willing to do. And the fact that she brought up that human rights as “getting in the way” means she has a skewed list of priorities.


Luckily (in my opinion) the recent elections didn’t turn out in her favor. Maybe this will show her that not everybody is willing to lose everything for safety.

Until next time, STAY VIGILANT!



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