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Donald Trump’s decision on the Paris Climate Agreement is a BFD. BIG FRICKIN’ DISTRACTION.

Some of you have been reading headlines, or hearing celebrities talk about how Trump’s decision will impact the planet and United States for decades to come. But those saying these things have not been paying attention to the Paris Agreement or what other countries have been doing within it.

The Paris Agreement was a very soft-handed attempt by the United Nations to curb global warming.

I say soft-handed because the penalty for not following the guidelines was… nothing. On top of that, the guidelines were self established.

Yes, there was an overall goal for the world to limit the rise to under 2 degrees Celsius, but each nation determined their own contribution within “reasonable standards”. China for their part, said the agreement only applies to the special regions of Macau and Hong Kong.

Does this mean the Paris Agreement is useless? No. One of the huge benefits of it, is it pools together the minds of developed countries to talk about how to curb pollution in undeveloped countries, so they don’t have to go through the 100 year industrialization cycle that the US, UK, and other countries had to. The requirements to at least try to control pollution doesn’t hurt the US, as it’s something we’ve already been doing; and without any penalties for NOT controlling pollution, there was really no detriment to the American economy or budget. So why did Trump say it was bad for America?

Donald Trump withdrew for only two reasons. 1) Because he could, and 2) It would cause a stir/rally among the people. He just wants your attention, “All eyes on me” style. You may say this shows how much of a threat he is to the environment or the country, but honestly if you didn’t know that about him before he got into office, then you weren’t really paying attention.

Until next time, STAY VIGILANT.


P.S.: I would love to hear from anybody that has a specific view or more information on the Paris Climate Agreement.



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